ADNF Trading Company was founded in 2002 and operates in the field of lubricants.
The company's activities in the oil - grease is very broad. Starting from the proper selection of lubricants, through technical assistance for their application, product distribution, monitoring and evaluation of the lubricating media. We are an authorized distributor companies - Shell and Fuchs. In April 2016 we launched an original series of oils WORK. All products are certified and quality certificates. Oil supply its own free transport in 20 liter pails, 208 liter drums, 1000 liter containers, as well as in the supply tank truck. Transparency proposed product, good price,as well as the professional staff of experienced staff, testify to the attractiveness of the current offer. The presence in our portfolio hundreds of satisfied customers, it is also a great reason to start a relationship with ADNF Lubricants.