ADNF Trade Company has been focused on the existence of lubricants in the industry since the beginning of its activity.

We supply oil products to industrial and production plants, shipyards, ports, long-distance and short-distance transport, agriculture and strictly commercial companies.

The range of lubricants includes several thousand oils and greases, special oil products and operating fluids.

For the lubrication of small, individual devices and machines, as well as for comprehensive oil and grease service of machinery parks, equipped with many lubrication points, in which a properly selected and serviced oil or grease is necessary.

Recently, an original line of oils and greases called WORK was introduced to the offer.


It contains all the basic oils - engine, gear, hydraulic and a wide range of lubricants.

In addition, a large group of specialized lubricants was created, oils for metalworking - emulsifying and non-emulsifying, special purpose hydraulic oils, detergent hydraulic oils and zinc-free hydraulic oils, gear oils intended for use in harsh environments and high-temperature lubricants or for work in very humid environment.

In the subject of service support, we rely on contacts with the technical departments of our suppliers. If in doubt, we'll be happy to advise you on which oils will best suit your machines and equipment. Characteristics of oils, greases and operating fluids should be in the equipment documentation - our team of employees, with many years of experience in the lubricant industry, will help in this respect.

Without proper lubrication it is impossible to talk about the proper functioning of any mechanism. The level and degree of wear of working lubricating oils should be constantly monitored and periodically changed. This applies to virtually all lubricants, from oils for typical applications, to specialized lubricants.

To maintain the efficiency of the machine park, it is worth ensuring a constant supply of high-quality lubricants and consumables. As a proven partner of many companies, we will gladly undertake such cooperation.

Our wide range of oils and greases, professional service of experienced employees, transparent price proposals - all these factors will allow to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


Oils and greases

  • Proper selection of the lubricants
  • Technical guidance and application
  • Oil distribution
  • Quality evaluation of the lubricants
  • We deliver oil products to the industry plants, production companies, transport bases, workshops and retail distribution points

Products we provide

Industrial oils:

  • hydraulic oils
  • oils for industrial transmissions
  • turbine oils
  • compressor oils
  • machine oils
  • rotary oils
  • oils for cooling aggregates
  • heating oils
  • transformator oils
  • quenching oils
  • protective oils
  • form oils
  • metal working oils
  • plastic working oils
  • greases

Oils for trucks and passenger cars:

  • engine oils
  • gear oils
  • transmission fluids
  • greases

Oils for seafaring and inland navigation

  • gear oils
  • cylinder oils
  • hydraulic oils
  • oils for industrial transmissions
  • turbine oils
  • engine oils
  • compressor oils
  • cycle oils
  • oils for cooling aggregates
  • heating oils
  • greases


  • Selecting and providing products for proper lubrication and trouble-free work of devices
  • Supervision and proper maintenance of devices along with oil and filter change in determined lubrication points
  • Products and lubrication training for apropriate maintenance services
  • Preparing and introducing lubrication schedules, lubrication guidances, supervision and data registration
  • Providing full time monitoring founded of current analysis and routine tests carried out in our service laboratory
  • Consistent with the law and inner regulations dealing with industrial wastes
  • We do our best in all above sectors, answering all the questions and trying to solve even the most complicated problems. Please contact us and make the most of our offer.

We are partner

Work Series

Based on many years of experience, the company ADNF has developed a range of lubricants that meet the basic and most important customer needs. We offer motor oils, gear, hydraulic, bearing and bearing lubricants and cleaning agents.


In Shell's products and services offer we can find oils, greases and business solutions individually fitted for every customer's needs. Shell introduces specific solutions for small companies alike with international corporations.


The highest quality oil provides long-term reliable operation of vehicles, machinery and equipment. The range includes engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and operating fluids.