Work Series

Trading Company ADNF meet the needs of customers at the beginning of April this year launched a completely new series of oils WORK.
For this decision due to a number of factors binding. Big changes on the Polish oil market, mainly the withdrawal from the market Statoil and unclear policy of product and - the price of other companies, as it were forced rapid implementation of new products. Also, the growing awareness of the customers themselves, thus improving the technical culture, resulted in the decision. Based on years of experience of our company in the sales and service of lubricant and a detailed analysis of the needs of the same customers, we are proud to present a series of oils WORK. The products have been created with base oils and additives, the highest class

PWe offer a range of products in a range that meets the basic and most important customer needs.

motor oils

gear oils

gear oils - industrial

gear oils - hydraulic

hydraulic oils

machine oils

heating oils


oils for metal working


Oil spray

Detailed information can be obtained by contacting our company.